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A new lad, fresh out of school, starts his first job at the village general store. He's working a shift with Fred, a seasoned and experienced shopkeeper.

"This job isn't too bad; it may be minimum wage, but we also get commission, and if you're clever you can boost your take home pay with commission, just by resorting to a little creative retailing."

"Creative retailing?" queries the youngster, "What's that then?"

"I tell you what," answers Fred, "I'll take the first customer that comes in, and I'll demonstrate."

After a while, a customer walks into the shop and approaches the counter.

"Good morning Sir," says Fred politely, "Can I help you?"

"You can," answers the customer. "I'd like a 10Kg bag of grass seed please."

"Certainly sir," says Fred, retrieving the required package from behind the counter, "That'll be thirty five pounds please. May I enquire, is this for your lawn?"

"Yes it is. Why do you ask?"

"Then perhaps I can interest you in a special offer we're having on lawn mowers. This one here is reduced at only £250."

"What the bloody hell do I want with a lawn mower?"

"Well sir, this grass seed you're buying is a new improved super fast growing variety. You'll probably have a full lush lawn in around three to four weeks. You'll be needing a lawnmower by then. It would be a shame not to get one now, and have to pay full price later."

The customer thinks about it for a while, then examines the lawn mower after which he takes his bank card from his wallet and says: "Go on then, I'll take the lawn mower as well."

After the customer has left the shop with grass seed and lawn mower, and £285 poorer, Fred turns to his new workmate and says: "You see: I turned a £35 sale there into one worth a lot more for the shop and more importantly worth a lot more commission for me. You can take the next customer and we'll see what you can do."

After a while another customer enters the store and the youngster positions himself strategically by the counter. The customer approaches and the lad says: "Good morning Sir. Can I help you?"

"Yes," says the customer, "I require a pack of sanitary towels, the largest you have please."

"Certainly sir," answers the young shopkeeper, retrieving the asked for product from the shelf, "That'll be three pounds fifty pence please. May I enquire, are these for your wife?"

"As a matter of fact they are, yes. Why the hell are you asking?"

"Then perhaps I can interest you in a special offer we're having on lawn mowers. This one here is reduced at only £250."

"Why in God's name would I possibly be interested in buying a lawn mower?"

"Well," says the young salesman, "Looks like you'll have bugger all else to do at the weekend, so you may as well cut the grass."

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