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Mrs Brown is making one of her regular visits to her doctor, when he notices that she's not been her usual cheery self for a while. He asks her if she's depressed, or if there's something getting her down.

After a rather embarrassing pause, she sheepishly admits that there is indeed something bothering her: "It's my sex life, doctor," she says, "It's become totally non-existent. My husband has been having a real impotence problem just lately."

"Have you tried something to pep him up a little," asks the doctor, "Changing his diet might help, or if all else fails there are always things like Viagra."

"Oh, I thought about that doctor," she replies, "Only he won't admit that there's anything wrong with him, so there's no way he'd take tablets. I couldn't persuade him to take anything like that."

The doctor thinks for a moment and then tells Mrs Brown about the new soluble variant of Viagra.

"It dissolves in any hot liquid," he says, "and leaves no trace of smell or taste. You should slip one in his tea or coffee, twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. I'm sure you'll see the effects in no time at all."

A couple of weeks later, Mrs Brown visits the doctor again, and he asks her how the soluble Viagra plan had gone.

"Oh, it's terrible doctor," she says "I did as you suggested and slipped one in his coffee morning and night. but oh my dear." She shakes her head in anguish.

"So didn't it work then?" asks the doctor.

"At first it didn't," she answers, "but then one day, something just seemed to click. He took a sip of his coffee, then cleared the table with one sweep of his arm: cups and saucers went everywhere. Then he threw me on the table, tore my clothes from me and made love to me there and then."

"So was he a little too aggressive for you?" asks the doctor, "Was the sex not very good?"

"Oh, on the contrary doctor," replies Mrs Brown, "It was the best sex I've ever had; he couldn't get enough and neither could I. We were going at it hammer and tongs for ages."

"So what's upset you so much Mrs Brown?" asks the doctor, "Why on earth are you so bothered about it?"

"Well the thing is doctor," says Mrs Brown, "I just daren't show my face in Starbucks now."

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