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Bob, Ted and Joe are regulars at the same pub, and it's become usual for them to sit together on Friday nights when they're all out for a drink.

One day though, Joe arrives to find Bob sitting alone.

Joe: Hello Bob.Where's Ted? He's usually here by the time I arrive.
Bob: He's going to be a little late tonight Joe. His night school class started today.
Joe: Night school? I had no idea. What class is he doing?
Bob: He's doing a course on 'structured thinking', whatever that is.

So Bob and Joe have a couple of drinks, and after an hour, Bob pops to the gents. While he's gone, Ted arrives.

Joe: Hello Ted. How was your night class? and what exactly is 'structured thinking'?
Ted: It was really interesting Joe. It covers a number of areas. Tonight we did 'deduction by inference'
Joe: So what's that then?
Ted: It's difficult to explain; I can demonstrate it better. Let me ask you Joe: Do you have a small pet, like a budgie, or a hamster, or a goldfish?

Joe looks a little puzzled, but goes along with it.

Joe: Yes Ted, we have a hamster at home.
Ted: Well from that fact alone, I think I can deduce that you have one or more small children in your family; would that be true?
Joe: Yes, that's true Ted. I have two sons and a daughter all under 10.

Joe takes out his wallet and proudly shows Ted a photograph of his three kids and his wife.

Ted: Very nice; now from that photograph, I can see you have a very attractive wife who you're clearly in love with. The ages of your children tell me that as a couple, you probably still have an active sex life. Would that be the case?
Joe: Well yes. My sex life is fine. Let's just say that I don't go without.
Ted: So from your confirmation of that, I think it's safe to say that your sexual needs are satisfied by your wife and that you rarely, if ever, masturbate. Is that true?
Joe: It is Ted. I can't even remember the last time I felt the need to masturbate.
Ted: So you see Joe, from simply discovering that you own a hamster, I've been able to deduce that you don't masturbate. That is, in a nutshell 'deduction by inference'.

Joe looks very impressed, Bob returns from the gents and Ted goes to the bar to get a round of drinks in.

Joe: Ted's been telling me all about his night school course. He's been doing something called reduction by interference.
Bob: What the hell is that? I've never heard of it.
Joe: It's hard to explain. Tell you what, I'll demonstrate.
Bob: Ok Joe, go ahead.
Joe: Let me first ask you: do you have a goldfish or a budgie or a hamster?
Bob: No Joe, I don't have any of those.

Joe looks puzzled, then thinks for a while until he reaches his conclusion.

Joe: In that case Bob, you're a wanker!

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