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An old chap is sitting outside the front of his house, when the village idiot walks by, carrying a role of tape under each arm.

"Good Mornin'," says the old man, "Where might you be goin' with them there rolls o' tape, sunshine?"

"Oh, these ain't just ordinary tape," replies the village idiot, "These is DUCK tape."

"And what be you planning to do with them then?" asks the old man.

"I'm plannin' on catching me some ducks," the idiot explains.

"You darn fool," says the old man, "You can't catch ducks with duck tape!"

"We'll see," says the village idiot as he continues on his way.

Imagine the old man's surprise when that evening, the village idiot passes his house again on his way home: this time with a plump duck under each arm. "Well I never" thinks the old man.

A few days later, the village idiot passes the old man's house again, this time carrying two coils of wire.

"What's that you've got this time?" asks the old man, "Is it wire?"

"Oh this isn't just plain old wire," replies the younger man, "This 'ere is CHICKEN wire."

"Why for are you carrying chicken wire around with you, you fool?" asks the old man.

"I'm fixin' to trap me a brace of chickens," answers the hopeful lad.

"You're an idiot boy," declares the old man, "You can't trap chickens with chicken wire!"

"We'll see," chuckles the village idiot, and waves as he takes his leave.

As the old man is looking out of his window later that day, he spots the young lad returning home, this time with a dead chicken slung over each shoulder. "Well who'd have believed it?" the old man thinks.

A week passes, and the old man sees the village idiot coming up the road again. He walks to meet him and notices he has a willow twig in each hand.

"Is that willow you have there boy?" he asks.

"It is," answers the young lad, "but it ain't just ordinary willow. This 'ere is PUSSY willow.

"Wait up a while," says the old man, "I'll get my coat and come with you."

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