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Very late one night, the doctor's home phone rings. His wife gets out of bed and goes downstairs to answer it. She returns telling the doctor that the call is from one of his patients who is desperate to speak to him. He gets out of bed, goes down to the hallway and picks up the receiver.

A new lad, fresh out of school, starts his first job at the village general store. He's working a shift with Fred, a seasoned and experienced shopkeeper.

On their regular girls' night out, Beryl and Gladys are making their way home, pretty much the worse for wear, when they both get caught short with no public toilet in sight.

Mrs Brown is making one of her regular visits to her doctor, when he notices that she's not been her usual cheery self for a while. He asks her if she's depressed, or if there's something getting her down.

Bob, Ted and Joe are regulars at the same pub, and it's become usual for them to sit together on Friday nights when they're all out for a drink.

An old chap is sitting outside the front of his house, when the village idiot walks by, carrying a role of tape under each arm.

After a heavy night out drinking, a guy ends up in the local tattoo parlour.